Who are we ?​

Kaki Tours is a local travel agency created out of our love for Albania, which we want to share. That is why we organize exceptional tours and personalized trips. Each of our trips provides a different experience designed to allow you to get to know the various aspects of Albania. What all of our programs have in common is allowing you to discover, experience, and taste all that Albania has to offer.

Our unique tours and expeditions are created from the heart, and have 100% pozitive feedback!

The office is run by a Polish woman and an Albanian man – a certified guide to Albania. If you are in Golem or Durrës , we invite you to visit us at one of our offices (map, check which one is closer).

Come visit us and talk about Albania – we will be happy to share our passion for this extraordinary country with you! We will also help you choose which of the unique places and attractions you’d like to explore.

Don’t miss this opportunity! Come enjoy Albania with us!

Kaki Tours is a Polish-Albanian travel agency that organizes trips during which you will get to see Albania, and become acquainted with the Albanian lifestyle from the point of view of local residents. Our tours are conducted only by certified Albanian guides. Get to know more about our unique team in the About Us section.

Frequently Asked Questions:

There are several ways to book a trip:

  • Complete the form available on the description page of the selected trip
  • Send us an email at info@kakitours.com
  • Or, book your trip in person at our Golem or Durres offices.

Possible forms of payment are:

  • Only cash payments are accepted.  Cash payments can be made in Euro, USD, or Albanian Lek at one of our offices in Durres or Golem prior to your tour, OR cash payments can be made on the bus the day of the tour.

Yes, our clients are picked up at or very near to their hotels. The exact meeting place is marked on the map available here. After clicking the link, select the hotel where you are staying. After selecting your hotel, the exact meeting point will be shown.

Yes, all of our tours are conducted by Albanian guides who have years of experience, and are certified by the Ministry of Tourism in Albania.

Travel insurance, which tourists buy before arriving in Albania, is valid for the entire stay, and also on our trips. When traveling with us, all our clients are additionally insured in any means of transport.

Your passport is not required for local tours. Your passport will be required on the Macedonia trip in order to cross the border.

The currency in Albania is the Albanian Lek. Some places may allow you to pay with Euros, but the conversion rate will not be favorable to you.  Payments in USD are usually not accepted.

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