The wilderness of Durres 4×4

The route of wine and olives

This is a trip, or rather a jeep trip, around the non-touristy part of the Durrës region. We’ll start the exploration of the region with an off-road ride in the eastern part, where we will be able to see the towering hills covered with olives, vines, and tobacco plantations. On the roads we often encounter wild turtles, and shepherds with their flocks of sheep or goats. We will visit Albanian villages where the asphalt roads do not lead. We’ll see a slower way of life there. We’ll drink morning coffee and rakia with our Albanian hosts, and understand the famous phrase “avash avash.” Through the wilderness we will reach the eastern border of the region, where among the hills there is a small family vineyard that produces Albanian award winning wines.

From the terrace, where our wine tasting will be held, we can admire the entire Durrës region, including the Adriatic Sea. Surrounded by centuries-old olive trees, we will try the many indigenous varieties these Albanian vineyards have to offer. During the tasting, local cheeses, olives, byrek, qofte and pastes, jams, and cold cuts made in the vineyard will also be served. It will also be possible to buy regional products. 

The next part of our trip will be spent exploring the northern part of the region. We will drive along the Kallmi Hill, on the off-road route, admiring the panorama of the Adriatic Sea. Our destination is the most beautiful beach in Durres, where we will relax after the journey. The interesting formation of this cove gives us the opportunity to explore the underwater world, so it is worth bringing diving goggles.

On our way back to the hotel, we will stop in the center of Durrës. We will see the ancient amphitheater, the town hall, and the mosque – Xhamia e Madhe. In the center we will have free time for shopping and coffee.


Book Tour

  • depart from the hotel around 9:00
  • coffee with the hosts
  • off-road drive to the east of the region
  • wine tasting and lunch at the vineyard
  • off-road drive to the north of the region
  • sunbathing in the bay of the Kallmi Hill
  • sightseeing and free time in the center of Durrës
  • return to the hotel around 17:00


  • sightseeing with a local guide
  • coffee visit with the hosts
  • fuel for off-road trips in open 4×4 jeeps
  • wine tasting at the vineyard
  • lunch at the vineyard
  • sunbeds on the beach



  • personal expenses